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Just the short and sweet.

These people started me off in the industry.They taught me correct. And also to be the best. I am beyond thankful to them. I now own a business and love what I do.But it all stems back to these days spent with them:) Thank you to a great team. Great people. And amazing hearts.


Cheers to you.  Randy Nash  

  July 4, 2015




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Mixologist Vs Bartender

mix·ol·o·gist: the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks

bar·tend·er:  is a person who mixes and serves drinks at a bar.

Either way you call it, you have to have a good memory.

Knowledge of all Alcohols.Learn the numerous cocktail recipes.

The act of making a drink is more like science and math you are adding components in an exact formula, so if you do it the right way,you should know that it's going to taste good.


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